"to evoke in others what has been evoked with us"

evoke is a community driven, experimental space for creators, thinkers and innovators, for social collaboration within the remote parts of the Himalayan Region. A space where people are able to think freely, feel deeply and create responsibly.

+ Art

+ Design

+ Experience

+ Living

House of evoke is being designed to host art+design residencies, exhibitions & experiences through (and for) its inhabitants and the close community.

For residents to live, work and play together- to experience nature, foster their creative mind, build a community and create positive social impact.

Nestled away in Himalayas

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds, sun gently grazing your face and apples falling on your porch?

Surrounded by the Great Himalayas and mighty pine & cedar forest. It is a place where you discover the intense peace, encounter wilderness dwellers and indulge in infinite inspiration. A place full nature’s dance far away from the city shor.

For the Misfits

Do you identify as a non-conformist ? Looking for your vibe tribe?

If you are someone who embraces the unknown, seeks greater freedom and crave for experience over routine. If you are looking for newer perspectives and meangiful human relationships, this is the place to be.

Restoring Himachali House

Ever dreamt of living in an 100 year old Himachali kath-khoni styled house?

House of Evoke is a traditional style simple himachali home being restored by designers in an eco conscious way for the modern, collaborative living for its inhabitants. Carefully crafted in wood, stone and slate the house is completely weaved in its landscape.

Have an idea?

We are constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate with individuals and organisations who are trying to do something substantial & meaningful. We love working with young talent who are willing to experiment with design, art, culture and technology. Reach out to us if you have an interesting idea. We love good conversations and steaming hot chai.